Heapsong1 Video Terms & Conditions

If you would like me, Imogen Heap, to consider using your Film then please read the below before uploading the film to the service.

I wish to use films provided for the purpose of marketing and promotion of recordings and performances by me. I wish to edit and adapt the films you supply as part of this process. I also wish to use (and allow others to use) the resulting films for commercial purposes. These commercial purposes would include (but are not limited to) internet uses such as making the films available on websites, broadcasting and transmission on all forms TV and publicly performing the films in cinemas and in public. I may also copy and use the films on DVD and on other physical media.

You must have made the film (ie be the so called director and the producer). In addition you should make sure you have all the necessary consents and permissions to enable the film to be commercially exploited. This would include written consent from each person appearing in the film; consent from the owner of any copyright work or trademark included in the film (that would include a shot in your film which includes a painting, photograph, TV programme or another film for example only). In addition the owners of some buildings and land require consent for filming on their property and you should check if that is necessary. I would advise you have all consents in writing.

Please bear in mind that people could have rights that would be infringed by you filiming, providing the Film to me and the use by me of the Film

If I wish to use your Film I will be in contact with you and ask you to sign a licence granting me the rights to use your Film and provide me with the consents.

Please make sure your Vimeo account email notifications are turned on so we can contat you.

Imogen Heap