Live Broadcast / Blogging Schedule

Imogen will be broadcasting live on a daily basis from her studio as the project progresses.

Check back here or visit her Ustream channel to watch live.

Monday 14th March - 6pm GMT
Tuesday 15th March - 10pm GMT
Wednesday 16th March - 6pm GMT
Thursday 17th March - 10pm GMT
Friday 18th March - 6pm GMT
Saturday 19th March - 10pm GMT
Sunday 20th March - 6pm GMT
Monday 21st March -10pm GMT
Tuesday 22nd March - 6pm GMT
Wednesday 23rd March - 10pm GMT
Thursday 24th March - 6pm GMT
Friday 25th March - 10pm GMT
Saturday 26th March - 6pm GMT
Sunday 27th March - 10pm BST (GMT+1)
Monday 28th March - 6pm BST (GMT+1)

Wednesday 30th March - 10pm BST (GMT+1)

Timezone Convertor helps you find out when Imogen will be online in your timezone.