Imogen Heap

Day 6: Saturday 19th March - 'Solo Response Day'

10pm live broadcast:


What am I looking for?

Trumpet, Kazoo, mandolin, cello, glass harmonica, synths, voice, drums. You name it! The track has been left intentionally bare for this purpose.
Something that one could perform live would be good as I may ask you to come and perform it with me on stage one day!
Perhaps (not essential!) you could film yourself recording it and if yours is chosen... we could include in the virtual 3DiCD released download of #heapsong1?

You can download the 'skeleton' of the middle section of the song from the SoundCloud widget below.

Please read these upload instructions in order for your solo to be eligible:

Once recorded, send your solo back to me in the following way...

For each solo section response, please upload ONE stereo audio file (ideally 24bit WAV but anything is good) with the following audio tracks sequentially in it, in this order:

A) The bar of click + your solo, embedded in the track the way you hear it sounding in relation to the middle section so far, for reference.

Followed by (in the same stereo file)

B) The bar of click + your solo in relation to the click. Please leave out reverbs / delays if you have any, as I may love your solo but hate the reverb!

Followed by (in the same stereo file)

C) The bar of click + just the effects.

If you have a cluster of recorded parts for the same idea… a string arrangement or multiple layered parts, please repeat step 'b' for separate parts, one following the other in the same stereo audio file. Each time a new part is added to the stereo file, please always precede it with the bar of click so i can easily sync with the song in my studio.

Please name your tracks in this format: your name - sound - #heapsong1

For example: John Willow - monster waterphone - #heapsong1 OR Simone Crumpet - trumpet - #heapsong1

So excited to hear what you send me back!
Thanks so much for getting involved. Woop! S'gonna be good.
Submissions need to be in by 11pm GMT tonight.
*If I want to use your recording, I'll be in touch to discuss payment so please keep an eye out for a message from me over the next few days.


> Upload your solos to the SoundCloud group here <


Here's what's been uploaded so far:

Heapsong1 Solos 





About today...

Today is the day when I listen to the solos that you’ve uploaded for the middle section of Heapsong1. I wonder what it is going to be..?