Imogen Heap
Day 5: Friday 18th March - 'Middle Section Reveal'

6pm GMT Live blog


Preview or download the middle section of heapsong1:

So today I have uploaded the middle section of Heapsong1 for you to either just listen to or more importantly for you to put a solo over the top of. It could be the sound of your cat, it could be you playing the violin, it could be a string quartet or choir arrangement, anything you like. Then I’ll incorporate either one or many of these, I might change it up a bit but I am really looking for one solo to go over the top of the middle section and then that will be that part of the song.

This clip is really just the basic feel of the middle section, kept sparse for people to get creative over with their solos. This is not how it's actually going to end up sounding!

Please note: The song speed is 110 bpm - instructions on how to upload your solos will be here soon...

The deadline for uploads is 11pm GMT on Sat 19th March



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