Imogen Heap
Day 4: Thursday 17th march - 'moving images' + live blog here at 10pm GMT

Re-watch Imogen's live broadcast...


> Got to the Vimeo group to upload / add your videos <

***Please read the following upload guidelines OR watch Immi's video before submitting videos***


Upload Guidelines

In order to ensure that your video is eligible for use please follow these guidelines:

Preferred format for delivery is .MP4 at 640x480 for standard definition 4:3 video, 853x480 for widescreen DV, and 1280x720 for high definition with H.264 compression. (See Vimeo's guidelines for more info)

We need to be able to download your original source video from Vimeo which means you must check the "Allow other people to download the source video" check box under the 'privacy' settings during upload (This can also be applied after upload if you forgot, by adjusting your videos settings).

If we need to contact you, we will do so through Vimeo messaging. Be sure to regularly check your Vimeo messages or make sure your Vimeo settings are set to send you an email when you receive a message (it is set to do this by default so don't worry if you haven't changed these settings before).


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About today...

Hello. So today is video submission day. Please send in your moving images, can be animation or film, perhaps you dancing, or shadow puppetry, to the vimeo group. From this we are going to compile or maybe just use one for the video for this song that I am writing at the moment. You can take your inspiration from the musical seeds where I have begun the song from Monday’s beginnings. Or from Tuesday’s lyrical seeds with the word cloud or maybe from the images that people uploaded from Wednesday. Over the years I've seen some amazing imagery and art online that has been put to my music or inspired by it. I want to make it official. Happy filming and I look forward to see what you have in stall for me.