Imogen Heap

Day 1: Monday 14th March - 'Sound Seeds'

At 6am, 12pm, 6pm and 12am GMT today Imogen invited fans to upload sounds during 1 hour windows as she broadcast live on Ustream.

Watch archived videos and listen to the sounds uploaded...

6am GMT Brodcast


12pm GMT Broadcast


6pm GMT Broadcast


12am GMT Broadcast


Listen to the sounds uploaded today....


Don't know what's going on? Listen to Imogen as she explains about today's plan...

Today is a big day, this is the beginning of Heapsong1 and it is also a big day for me because this is the beginning of my new album. I am going to be doing a new song every three months, I am going to be writing and then releasing them when they're meaningful to me, not three years later! So this time, you begin the album. You are going to be the seeds. The ink blocks on a huge canvas of endless possibilities. It could be anything from rustling leaves to wine glasses. It could be the sound of you cracking a twig against the tree that inspires the whole rhythm of the song. Anything could work, so don’t be shy! You could also upload drum loops you've made etc if you like, but I am more looking for everyday sounds that will spin me off on a tangent and take me somewhere new. I'm looking forward to being here and seeing what you’ve got!

I will be live online at 6am, noon, 6pm and midnight (GMT times) to discuss and listen to what you've been uploading via soundcloud. This page will go live on Monday 00.01 for you to begin uploading sounds. (goes without saying but will say it anyway that all sounds need to have been recorded by you or you have permission to use for this project). Please don't send in really long recordings as I only have today to go through them. Think ink blots rather than full sentences.